BMJ Engineering | Bmj launches top of the range cage system
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Bmj launches top of the range cage system

chicken cages

Bmj launches top of the range cage system

Bmj Cage System offers egg producers the outstanding production performance they expect from us , plus great transportation simplicity, easier assembly and repair, and improved egg roll-out — all in an economical cage system.¬† Smaller custom sized ¬†systems are also available.

Robust construction

Bmj cages are quality-built in Zimbabwe Solid construction and heavy-duty materials combine with our innovative design for years of superior performance

Cage Door Latch

Bmj metal door latch offers true one-handed operation. Its positive lock means chickens do not get out.

A-Frame Cage Systems

Bmj A-Frame Cage Systems for caged layers provide an excellent environment for egg production and maximum feed savings together with a good  options for manure handling

Sturdy Welded A-Frames

Rugged A-frame stands provide durable support for A-frame cages without the need for truss rods. All system components, including cages and feed troughs, tie directly into our projection-welded A-frame support system for added stability.

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